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    NUCLEAR - Thrash Metal (Chile)



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    NUCLEAR - Thrash Metal (Chile)

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    MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/nuclearthrash
    Reverbnation: http://www.reverbnation.com/nuclearthrash
    Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/nuclearthrash
    Site: http://www.nuclear.cl

    Free download bootleg: http://www.nuclear.cl/moshdetonation


    Recognized as one of the most active Chilean thrash metal bands, Nuclear has always displayed overfilled live intensity along with a heavy skull-crushing sounding.

    Since their early days in the northern city of Arica the band proved to emphasize musical determination based on attitude and hard work.

    The beginnings (1995 - 2001)

    Under the name of “Escoria”, 2 demo tapes were recorded in the years 1997 and 1998. The first demo (Promotape 1997) was edited independently however the second one never made it to the multi-copying room.

    Reviews from Promotape 97 appeared in Torment Magazine, NecroAnarchy Mag & Cuero Negro (Perú), among others.

    Escoria’s last live performance was in summer 2001 in Arica city.

    Escoria was: Sebastián Puente (guitars), Francisco Haussmann (guitars), Punto Sudy and Alejandro Tapia (bass guitar).

    Nuclear (2003 – present)

    After some line-up changes in 2005, Nuclear found their state-of-the-art formation. Matias LV (vocals), Francisco Haussmann (guitar), Sebastián Puente (guitar), Punto Sudy (drums) and Raimundo Correa (bass guitar) went into the Alerce Studios to record their debut album “Heaven Denied” in february 2006. The album was released under Koventry Records Metal Label on May 2006 and it consisted in almost 46 minutes of rage and heavy thrash metal to the bone.

    Two years later, Nuclear hit the studios again and record “Ten Broken Codes” album. A massive amount of non stoppable sonic violence registered in 9 tracks. Edited under Koventry Records Metal Label (Chile) and Concreto Records (México).

    All albums are available worldwide through Sick Bangers Distro (distro@sickbangers.cl | www.myspace.com/sickbangersdistro)

    The band has never stopped playing live since 2003. Hundreds of live reviews, a bunch of underground metal awards and the possibility to share stage with international acts like Brujería, Destruction, Torture Squad, Paul Di Anno, Toxic Holocaust, Grave, 1349, Joey Belladonna, Hirax, Kathaarsys, Transmetal, Denial, Jesus Martyr, Mortal Sin and innumerable national acts such as Pentagram, Criminal, Necrosis, Poema Arcanvs, Slavery, Dorso, Darkemist, among others, has positioned Nuclear to be one of the most dynamic Chilean metal bands over the last decade.

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    Great Sound!!! Maléfico2

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